Join Our Squad

Brand Enthusiast and Brand Reps

Are you interested in joining our team and becoming a Brand Enthusiast for Maker for Kids?

We have an amazing team of parents and their children from all over the world who love our products and enjoy the learning experiences they offer. Our Brand Rep program is a tiered system consisting of Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps - we would love to have you join us!

Brand Enthusiast:

The Brand Enthusiast is our shortest term, going for only a month, that can be joined any time throughout the year. We require that our enthusiasts post to Instagram 5 times over that month. Your photos can consist of images of your kids playing, doing the DIY products and/or creative images of the products. Being in our Brand Enthusiast team we will offer you a discount code to use for yourself to get the Maker for Kids products, with the opportunity for a rebate for a larger discount if all the requirements are met at the end of the month. After the month is up and if you would like to continue with us then you will have the opportunity to apply for our Brand Rep team.

Brand Rep:

The second tier is our Brand Rep program which is a three month term. Within this program we require you to post to Instagram using our brand hashtags once a week for a minimum of four times a month and we require two videos within the month that are a minimum of 15 seconds long. Your photos and videos can consist of your kids playing with our toys, doing crafts with our DIY products, or of our products within your lifestyle. Within this program there are tiers that reward reps for purchases, promotions, and engagement so your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Upon approval you will receive free products and a personalized discount code for you to share with your friends, your family, and your followers. You will receive commissions on any sales made with your discount code! Brand reps will have exclusive access to our very own brand reps Facebook community. There, you can join in on contests, have the opportunity to win prizes, get tips for taking great photos, learn social media best practices, and connect with other parents like you! 

For all positions we ask that you tag us with our handle @makerforkids and use our hashtags #makerforkids #makerforkid #beamaker #educationaltoys #giftsforkids and #stemforkids